A Day in The Life of a Bloggers Photographer

The Rise of the Blogger’s Photographer; In Talks with Rebecca Spencer

“Photography Will Never Lose It’s Value in the Blogging World” 

If you’ve been living in the digital era of social media creatives taking over celebrities, it’s difficult not to notice the rise of fashion bloggers, however one silent un-talked about niche is the rise of the blogger’s photographer. We sat down to talk with one of the UK’s most influential fashion photographers. Snapping the Instagram shots reaching over 30,000 likes, capturing Youtube videos with over 90,000 views and more. Thank you for joining us today Rebecca, so lets get started.

Q1. As one of London’s most influential bloggers’ photographers. How did you get started?

I started in February of 2016. When Studying photography, I was approached by a blogger to take some streetstyle photographs. I had the BEST day and wanted to shoot more and more. Afterwards, I started shooting influencers in-between lectures to gain experience and network.

Q2. Did you ever aspire to be a full-time photographer or did it just happen?

I’ve always had such a desire to take photos even from when I was young. I was always the girl at school taking photos and capturing memories. My style used to be very conceptual and fantasy. I never thought I would fall into the fashion world.

Q3 What does an average day look like to you?

It’s not as glamorous as some may think. It’s an alarm set for 6:30 and a train commute to central London. Location and influences are always different. I usually shoot 2-3 people a day. Grabbing a Starbucks, whist running around London.

Q4. So That is 56 to 84 bloggers per month, incredible work. Do most influencers request photography or is videoing becoming a large part of your role?

Photography will never lose value in the blogging world, however video is becoming popular, as it is so engaging. It also allows us creatives to be more imaginative with our social media.

Q5 Rebecca Spencer Photography is a standalone brand now. How do you remain creative with this element of your business?

I am always trying to be creative and think of the next thing, I can bring to my Instagram and photography. I have just started a weekly Vlog on my YouTube channel. It allows my followers to see behind the scenes, my video skills and most of all my passion, my love – photography.


Thank you Rebecca For joining us today.

Shannon Jennings



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