Blogger Approval: The ‘Ugly’ Tracksuit Trend is Now Cool

Blogger Approval: The ‘Ugly’ Tracksuit Trend is Now Cool

Hang your heels up, fold up your jeans and put your shirts away. This seasons its all about the shell Suit. The perfect outfit to stay casual and comfy in whilst still looking extremely stylish @handinfire

Recently, our Instagram feeds can’t escape this look. All the trendiest bloggers are rocking their shell suit and we are loving it! They are looking fabulous and bringing comfort back into fashion – which we are over the moon about. From high street to designer,  fashion bloggers can’t seem to get enough of them! The Shell Suits have been spotted multiple times at fashion week and we can’t wait to see where else they will be popping out! This is going to be a big trend this season.

Keep scrolling for some Shell Suit inspiration and see where to get yours from!

1. Neon Shell Suit


Well if Caro Daur says shell suits are in trend, then they must be! We LOVE how this fashion blogger has styled her neon shell jacket with a black shell trousers and heels. She got all the attention at fashion week as she strutted round New York in this outfit.


We are loving Sonia France’s Shell Suit that she wore to Copenhagen Fashion Week! Be bold like this fashion blogger and wear your shell suit to all different occasions. Style your suits with a pair of sneakers and bum bag to achieve this look.


Pink to make Bae wink! This Shell Suit is so cute, Stephanie looks amazing – don’t you agree? Style your pink Shell Suits with some cat eye sunglasses and chunky trainers to get all the likes on Instagram, just like Stephanie.

What’s amazing about these suits is that you can layer up underneath to keep us warm as the winter months approach.

Fancy not wearing your whole shell suit for the day? Need to dress up? But want a cool jacket? Look no further, grab your shell jacket and style it with your OOTD!

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