Secrets to Becoming a Successful Street Style Fashion Blogger

In Talks with Street Style Instagram Icon – Lucy Connelly

Lucy Connelly is a fashion and streetstyle blogger, who has been named by several publications as “A Rising Star within the Influencer Community“. We had the pleasure to sit down with Lucy, member of The CLCK to talk how to the life of becoming a successful streetstyle fashion blogger. 

Hi Lucy, Thank you for joining The Clck today, so lets get started.

Q1. What do you love most about blogging and sharing your passion online?

Mostly, I love the community and meeting other’s with the same passion. As well as being able to share what I love with so many people.

Q2. In a busy community like Instagram, How do you stand out?

I think consistency is key. I stick to the same edits, style of photography and my style is consistent also. In such an over saturated market I find it important that my followers and readers know what they get when they come to my social channels and blog.

Q3. Which channel is most important to you now?

Instagram, as it’s where I have my biggest following and also because it works best with my style due to the visual concept of instagram. I am, however, also focusing on the blog more often now as it is the only channel that I own and it’s a platform in, which I can show diversity in my content and have the ability to try out new idea’s.

Q4. Do you find more brands are approaching you and getting involved in influencer Marketing?

Yes, and it’s great, I love the realness aspect of influencer marketing. I always buy from people that I follow, probably because I trust their opinion and honesty more than any other type of advertising and marketing.

Q5.Personally speaking, has Instagram / social media changed the way you shop?

It definitely has. As I said above, I trust the people that I follow and as I choose who I follow I know that I can choose those who have similar style, are true to their style and are honest about quality etc. I also love how quick and convenient it can make shopping.

Q6.What do you think the future of fashion blogging will look like?

I hope that it continues to grow and becomes more and more diverse and inclusive. I think that as long as we keep changing and allowing ourselves to adapt then we will only strive.

Q7. And lastly, I know you must get this question a lot………any tips for creating beautiful content online?

Yes! I would say pick what you love and be consistent. For me as I focus on street style imagery I focus strongly on the quality of my images and being consistent with my editing. It’s so important also to be yourself and do what you love because then it will resonate with your followers and readers.

Thank you to Lucy for taking the time to speak with The Clck, you can follow Lucy on Instagram or on

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