How to Start a Fashion Blog With Your Best Friend

How to Start a Fashion Blog With Your Best Friend

In Talks with Irish Sisters, Style Ignite. Thank you, Jane and Ruth, for taking the time to sit down with The Clck.  

Q. Starting a blog with your sister and combining styles. Is this something you always thought about and when did you start actually being like okay, let’s do this?

The idea of starting a blog together only came about in February 2016. We have always had a great interest in fashion. Not only are we good at raiding each other’s wardrobes (the usual sister act) we recognised that we work well together and have similar interests. We are both very creative in our own ways and thought let’s celebrate our love of fashion and style…..After a couple of months brainstorming, Style Ignite was then formed.

Q How do you combine creativity is one of you more into fashion and the other shares a passion for photography?

Ruth is very visual and has a degree in Visual Merchandising. She loves to research trends and shoot locations. She loves the styling and production process of a shoot. Jane studied Textile Design and has a natural flair for creating things from start to finish. We combine all of our skills to create Style Ignite.

Q What makes the perfect Instagram in your eyes?

 If it tells a story we’re reading it. In saying that, we also really appreciate a simple feed that’s made up of monotone colour, it’s aesthetically pleasing.

Q Do you have any tips for taking photos for Instagram; whether editing, shooting or picking the perfect location?

Yes, we recently invested in the Canon EOS M3 and are so happy with the quality of our photos. When it comes to editing we’ll use Photoshop and VSCO, we like to keep our photos as natural as possible.

Q What is your favourite social media channel?

Instagram is definitely our favourite platform. We find it inspirational and have met some amazing people through it.

How do you use Instagram stories? Is there anything you’re trying to do more of on social?

There’s something about the Instagram story that makes us feel so much more comfortable than Snapchat plus it’s so convenient. If a picture doesn’t make the cut for the newsfeed and we still want people to see it, we’ll opt to put it up onto our story. We use it to show hauls, talk about what we’ve been up to day to day and to inform our followers when there’s a new blog post on It’s a great way of showing your true personality and it’s real.

What advice would you give to others who want to become professional bloggers?

Firstly be original. Think of something different you can bring to the table. Put 110% into what you’re doing and have patience as it takes a long time for a blog to grow.

Thank you, Style Ignite for joining The Clck,  follow their stylish Instagram here or blog here. 

Features Contributor | Shannon Jennings  

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