How to Become A Successful Instagram Fashion Blogger

How to Become A Successful Instagram Fashion Blogger

In Talks with Andreea Birsan


Thank you for joining The Clck. It’s incredible to have you here. We at The Clck have been following your fashion blog for a long time now. We love your photography, fashion sense and ability to tell a story with one photograph.So let’s get started….

Q 1 When did you start blogging, and have you always loved fashion and photography?

About one year ago and Yes! I have been playing photographer since the 7th grade! Good old times when I would ask my friends and colleagues to model for me and then I would edit their photos and post them on deviantART ( The largest social network for artists). As for fashion, I can probably say it was my first love!

Q 2 As an extremely creative fashion influencer, what makes the perfect Instagram?

I don’t think there is a secret formula or anything like that. Just make sure you are being consistent, create a theme, try to edit all your photos with the same filter or just stick to a colour and focus on it. High-quality photographs always stand out.

Q3 Which is more important when creating the perfect Instagram; editing or the story behind the image?

Stories are more important to me after all everyone loves a good story.

But I need to admit that editing also plays a huge role in creating sensational content. A good edit can totally change a photo, so it’s worth to learn how to edit well.

Q 4 What was your very best Instagram and drove the most engagement?

Well, well…I constantly change my favourites and always try to step up my photography game. My current favourite is a  photo I took in my most recent trip to Bulgaria. Climbed on some rocks to take the shot and my friend was afraid of heights, but she did it for the ‘gram. It didn’t drive the highest engagement, but it has a special meaning to me.

Q4 Talking content, what are your favourite editing tools for your photographs? What are the secrets to good editing?

I am addicted to both Lightroom and VSCOcam and occasionally using Snapseed as well. The secret to good editing is finding out what edit suits you the best. I experimented a lot during the past months, so practice makes us better.

Q5 Do you see yourself creating beautiful video content anytime soon? Or does photography still win for you?

Would be more than happy to expand and do videos as well, but unfortunately, I have no clue about video editing!

Q6 What is your big dream for the blog or the next five years?

Been asked this question very often and I always answer the same. In 5 years from now, I picture myself in an aeroplane, travelling the world, heading to some unknown destination.

Thank you Andreea for joining The Clck, You can view her Instagram and Blog.

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