How to Capture The Perfect Instagram at Fashion Week

How to Capture The Perfect Instagram at Fashion Week

Fashion Week Edition In Talks with Rebecca Spencer

Any exciting plans for fashion week?

Street -Style-photography and working alongside The Clck, of course! I also may be completing a social media take over for the life of a photographer at fashion week but mainly helping my clients get the right content!

What is the best time to shoot around fashion week?

Lesson learned from previous years is to follow the time table and make sure to hang around the shows before to make sure you capture every one arriving at the shows. Topshop show is one of my Favorites.

Any key shots or certain locations to capture that London Fashion Week moment?

I like to capture the most natural candid shots of people arriving at the shows. I also think is a must to get a girl gang goals Instagram, I feel like it represents fashion week and its girl power. Also, think details, they are very KEY to fashion week!

 Is there any photography editing apps you use on the go?

Snap seed,  VSCO Cam, and airdrop for transferring images quickly – all my essentials. 

 What equipment will be in your camera bag?

 My 7D Mark ii Canon, 35mm 1.4 Art Sigma lens and SD Lighting cable for quick access to the image to my phone.

 In terms of video, how do you ensure good quality content?

Thinking creatively using slow mo in conjunction with fast motion and making sure the music is perfect as this can be a game changer. 

 Any tips for creating out-of-This-World Instagram stories?

I recently discovered how to record my phone screen so have been showing my followers how I edit my images on my phone directly on insta story. Also think to treat your insta story as your feed so keep it within theme and aesthetically pleasing with varieties of boomerangs, photos, and videos. Also updating it as you go thought out the day, keep it real and organic.  

Thank you, Rebecca, for joining The Clck, you can follow Rebecca On Instagram here.

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