How to Attend Fashion Week as a Top Fashion Blogger?


How to Attend Fashion Week as a Top Fashion Blogger?

In Talks with Gili from JoysWorld; Meet the Top Fashion Blogger and Front Row Photographer. The highs, the lows and the secrets on how to attend Fashion Week as a top fashion blogger.


How did your fashion week journey begin from high-end shows to Couture Paris Fashion Week?

A Few years ago I had the great opportunity to visit  Milan to cover a small fashion show.

I had no active IG account back then and my photography portfolio wasn’t something to be to proud of but I thought that there will be no harm emailing a few PR agencies and ask for invitations. My gamble paid off.

 The seasons after that I was accredited by the National Chamber of Italian Fashion as an official photo journalist for Milan Fashion Week. This led me on to London and Paris Fashion Week, When I got both accreditations that season I knew I was set for Paris Haute Couture.

Attending shows at Fashion Week most people perceive it as a time when fashion bloggers get hundreds of invitations. Let’s get real; Is it an application process or do you receive invitations?

Both. For me, the most important part is to get the official ‘’OK’’ from the organizers. Once I have the accreditations for this season I will get invited by the designers and PR companies. Other invitations I will get from brands and designers I know personally and worked with in the past.

So basically- once the official organizations like what you do, they will send your contact around for you and you will get invited.

How do we contact the organizers?

There is an application process on most fashion councils websites or you can search by the designer {Further Details Below}.

What has been your favourite fashion show you’ve attended to date?

I have been lucky enough to attend hundreds of shows around the world from ready-to-wear to haute couture. My favourite ones were so for many different reasons. 

I was absolutely in love with Ziad Nakad AW1718 collection presented during Paris Haute Couture week. It was magical and the work with the fabrics was impeccable.


What advice would you give other bloggers trying to get access? Should they approach a PR agency or fashion council? Both?

First blogger need to understand that fashion week is about designers presenting their collections for the first time. A beginner should approach anyone, from the brands, they know to the ones they don’t. Write a good email and be professional – Tell a story of what you can contribute to add that special touch. 

Is there a standard you need to qualify for to get into fashion week?

There are very high standards for fashion week. The brands and designers have very limited space and the guests of each show will be picked very carefully. If you are not well known and don’t have a personal relationship with the brands then, you have to offer them something that will be worth in their eyes. Do you have many social media followers that will be interested in the collection? Do you take great runway photos? 

If a fashion blogger dreamed to travel and visit international fashion shows, what would be your best advice for them?

Think carefully about your dreams. Fashion week is really hard work.

First I would recommend being very organized weeks ahead of time. Get the official accreditation by the organizers and follow the official and non- official schedule of the shows. Read about the designers you will see and check out their latest collections.

Let’s talk about street style, how should you dress to guarantee you’ll be snapped up?

I will try to avoid dark colours, they never come out too great in streetstyle shots. Popping colours will always look great. I try to wear unique outfits, things no one else will have but at the same time, I prefer to be comfortable and keep true to myself. 

Last question, do you have anything planned for this fashion week?

I am currently designing together with Tiziana Allemani my first 15 piece collection that I will wear for the upcoming fashion weeks (London, Milan and Paris). We are creating something for the young and fashionable business woman on the go. 

Thank you Gili for joining The Clck, you can follow Joys World on Instagram or view her fashion week photography here.



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