8 Items Every Single Fashion Bloggers Owns

8 Items Every Single Fashion Blogger Owns

Fashion Bloggers Style Essentials

If you’re like us and spend your days following fashion bloggers style, you’ve probably noticed a few items they wear on repeat.  Although we love looking at new trends and the most controversial designer items, our wardrobe classics always have our heart and bloggers too. To proof, how much fashion bloggers style is surrounded by key essentials buys, we’ve rounded up eight specific items that every fashion blogger we love appears to own. From Sincerely Jules Gucci Crossbody bag to Balenciaga chunky sneakers. Scroll down for the key blogger buys, we’re currently shopping number 7.  

I. Chic Blazer

8 Items Every Single Fashion Blogger Owns

Every fashion girl needs a chic blazer and bloggers are backing that statement. To get the look? Simply pair a boyfriend linen blazer with a mini polka dot dress and chunky white sneakers for an Instagram worthy fashion bloggers style. ( NA-kD Linen Classic Blazer £52.95)

II. Designer Sneakers

8 Items Every Single Fashion Blogger OwnsThese sneakers have taken over the fashion blogger world. Everyone is wearing them, literally. Making every outfit cool and comfy, you can’t really go wrong. Wear with dresses or cycle shorts for a key fashion blogger look. ( Balenciaga Trainers £615) 

III. Gucci Handbag

8 Items Every Single Fashion Blogger OwnsWithout a doubt, Gucci bags will always be a fashion blogger ESSENTIAL. Whether it is a Gucci shoulder bag, a Gucci belt bag or a Gucci tote bag. Fashion bloggers will always be wearing this bag. Shop the best investment possible New Season Gucci belt Bag £795

IV. Pendant Necklace + Shell Necklaces

8 Items Every Single Fashion Blogger OwnsFYI, your feed will soon be covered in this trend, if it hasn’t been already. On less you’ve been hiding under a rock, pendant necklaces are having a huge moment this summer. However soon to take place is shell necklaces and shell jewellery, it’s on the rise and bloggers are jumping onboard. Shop the shell bracelet every blogger is sharing in their stories, click here.

V. Retro Chain Belt

8 Items Every Single Fashion Bloggers OwnsEvery fashion blogger is wearing this and we can see why! The retro chain belt is the perfect Instagram accessory, style it with jeans or a mini dresses for the ultimate blogger look. ( PrettyLittleThing Chain Belt ).

VI. Puff Sleeve Tops

Fashion bloggers are all loving this trend and you should be too. Wear with jean shorts or paper bag trousers to make your puff sleeve top really stand out. Bloggers newest favourite click here.

X. Cycling Shorts

8 Items Every Single Fashion Bloggers Owns Cycle leggings have taken off and every fashion blogger is wearing them. To look chic pair your cycle short with a blazer or look super cool and wear with an oversized tee and denim jacket. ( White cycling shorts £12.00)

XI. Flattering Bodysuits

8 Items Every Single Fashion Bloggers Owns

Fashion bloggers style essential, the under radar item that makes their outfits always look chic. Yes, we’re talking about the bodysuit. They look super sexy and can be worn with basically anything. Keep it casual with jeans or combats. Or dress up with a cute co-ord. Shop the key fashion bloggers style essentials below.  

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