The 100 Best Fashion Bloggers to Follow in 2018

The 100 Best Fashion Bloggers to Follow in 2018

The 100 Best Fashion Bloggers to Follow in 2018

Fashion Bloggers; The 100 Best to Follow in 2018. Where do you find those cute outfits? Need some new fashion bloggers to follow. Well, we’ve listed the best London Bloggers, Paris based bloggers, LA Bloggers and NYC bloggers to follow in 2018. Click to be inspired. Scroll to find all the inspiration you need and which popular fashion blogs are worth following in 2018.

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The 100 Best Fashion Bloggers to Follow in 2018

Aimee Song

One of the best fashion blogs to follow, she makes smart dressing look cool and gives bags of style inspiration every day. Whether it is mixing trainers with skirts or kitten heels with jeans she’s always got a new look going on.


The 100 Best Fashion Bloggers to Follow in 2018


The beautiful Negin has got to be one of the most popular fashion blogs. She’s effortlessly sexy and cool all at the same time and if you’re not following her yet I don’t know where you’ve been!

The 100 Best Fashion Bloggers to Follow in 2018

Dani Song. 

She’s got comfy but cool down to a tee. A super fashionable blogger you’ve just got to take a look at.


The 100 Best Fashion Bloggers to Follow in 2018

Alice and Olivia 

We absolutely love these sisters and they are definitely up there for fashion bloggers uk. They bring out the fun side of fashion and will certainly brighten up your day!


The 100 Best Fashion Bloggers to Follow in 2018

Miss Gunner

She is cute, girly and a great inspiration for fashion blog ideas. You’ll see her wearing all the colours and gorgeous prints, is there anything she can’t pull off!?


The 100 Best Fashion Bloggers to Follow in 2018

Amelia Liana

The most beautiful outfits in the most beautiful settings. If you like colourful and girly she is definitely one of the fashion blogs you must follow this year.


The 100 Best Fashion Bloggers to Follow in 2018

Alanna Durkovich

If colourful luscious locks are your thing you should without a doubt be following Alanna Durkovich. Her ever change hair styles compliment very single look. If you’re worried about a new hair colour clashing with your outfits she is the go to girl!


The 100 Best Fashion Bloggers to Follow in 2018


We can’t deal with how gorgeous this girl is! She’s fun, stylish and provides inspirational content, what more could you ask for!?

The 100 Best Fashion Bloggers to Follow in 2018

Arushi Khosla

This New Yorker has got fashion covered. She is always providing new, on trend looks to get you inspired.


Anisa Sojka

This London based fashion blog provides a great feed showing all her favourite pieces and must haves this season.


Maja Malnar

She makes everything look sexy and fabulous and we wish we knew her secret. A definite one to follow for 2018!


Rosa Cespo

Effortlessly cool wearing all the top trends, Rosa Cespo is one of the fashion blogs you must follow.


Lizzy Perridon

This girl can literally carry off anything and we can’t get enough of her style! Lizzy Perridon is definitely a fashion blogger you should be following if you aren’t already.


Rebecca Laurey

She’s cool, chic and everything in between. Rebecca Laureys fashion forward styles are fun and eye catching. If you’re not following this fashion blogger then you’re seriously missing out!


Ayda Hadi

Aydas use of tonal colours is to die for. She is never short of outfit ideas and inspiration.

Camille Cherriere

Simplicity is key when it comes to Camille Cherriere and her content is super inspiratioal.


Cristina Musacchio

We are obsessed with Cristina Musacchio! She has great images and a really cool style. A popular fashion blog to keep your eye on!


Kristina Bazan

The use of light and shadow in Kristinas work creates dramatic images that are hard to miss. Make sure you check this girl out!


Shea Marie

If you need help on styling your swimwear this summer she is the girl for you. She is super sexy on and off the beach so you’d be a fool to not follow her fashion blog.


Safaa Alban

We love Safaa Alban! She’s effortlessly cool and shows a range of styles to give you heeps of inspiration.


Trishna Goklani

This girl is an absolute beauty! Working with layers she builds up the perfect look every single time and we cannot get enough!


Jessica Wang

Fun, bright and a breathe of fresh air. Jessica Wang is one of the most popular fashion blogs to follow this year so what are you waiting for!?


Andreea Birsan

Her feminine colour palette is refreshingly beautiful and provides ideas for all kinda of colours and prints.


Diipa Khosla

A natural beauty with a fun summer style. A fashion blog you must follow!



Bright and bold, this girls got it covered! We absolutely love the way she clashes colour and print.


Reem Kanj

She’s got a style that works every time! Check this girl out she isn’t one to miss.


Bettina Looney

Summer styles are made easy with Bettina Looney!


Francis Lola

We have so much love for this girl. Her outfit styling is such an inspiration and she looks incredible all the time!


Miranda Makaroff

If you love bold prints you love Miranda Makaroff! She’s bright, bold and so much fun! Another fashion blog to follow in 2018!


Ellen V Lora

Seamlessly cool all the time! We are obsessed with Ellen V Lora’s style, from the outfit to the makeup to the tiny little details. If you’re not following this girl you are doing something wrong!


Camila Coelho

She needs little introduction, Camila Coelho gives you the most on trend styles to look out for. Definitely follow this girl if you don’t already!


Santoshi Shetty

This girls got your cool and casual outfits covered. Definitely worth a follow!



She is all about colour and we absolutely love it! Check out Sheeren to get print and colour ideas for every occasion.


Isabella Thorsden

We adore Isabella Thorsden, she’s cute, classy and always gets it right! If your not sure what fashion blogs to follow, she has got to be on your list.



If you’re looking for elegance this girl is your go to. She makes everything look like a dream!


Lolita Mas

She’s cute, she’s girly and she’s got a style to die for. And absolute beauty and a definite fashion blog to follow in 2018!


Shlokha Narang

She’s your girl for casual chic! If you want luxurious summer wardrobe ideas you should be following Shlokha Narang.


Carrie Santana da Silva

She shows all the latest outfits and must have accessories. You should definitely be following this fashion blogger.

Olivia Purvis

This girl is such a cutie, we love her content and you will too!

Julie Sarinana

We absolutely love this girl and she rocks every style! She’s fun, inspiration and definitely worth a follow!

Tania Sarin

She’s super sexy and we love every single look! We’ve never seen smart casual look so good!

Angelica Blick

Cute and girly, we can’t fault Angelica Blick! If you’re not following this girl you definitely should be.

Julia Engel

Effortlessly chic! We can’t get enough of Julia Engel.


A natural beauty that looks flawless every time! You definitely need to check out this girl!

Jessica Chamilton

Cute and fun this girls got all your latest trends covered!

Zanita Whittington

Cool and sexy all at the same time! Zanita Whittington is a fashion blogger worth following in 2018!

Kate Tikhomirova

This girl makes everything look good! She’s got all your cute summer outfits covered!

Alicia Roddy

We can’t get enough of Alicia Roddy. She is your go to when it comes to the latest trends, if you’re not following this girl you definitely should be!

Sarah Mikaela

She’s on point with all your favourite looks. Get all the fashion inspiration you need with Sarah Mikaela.


If elegance is your vibe Tina is definitely one to follow!

Emma Miller

This girl is bound to brighten up your day with her gorgeous looks and on point style.

Lipstick Fever

Need help with your summer wardrobe? This is the girl for you! She’s bright, colourful and so on trend!

Emily Valentine

Smiley, fun and effortlessly beautiful. This girl is definitely one to follow!

Chiara Ferragni

Effortlessly sexy and we can’t get enough!


She’s super cute and has a great fashion sense! What more could you want?

Emily at The London Blogger

Her neutral colour palette and super cool style will give you all the inspiration you need!

Jenny Cipoletti

We can’t get enough of this girls style, she looks 10/10 every time!

Chriselle Lim

She always looks fabulous no matter what!

Susie Bubble

If you want to see the best ways to clash colour print, Susie Bubble is your go to girl!

Valentina Ferragni

Sexy and chic! Valentina Ferragni is a definitely a fashion blogger you should be following in 2018.

Valetina Marzullo

An absolute beauty with amazing content!

Felicia Evalina

She’s super cute and can pull off literally anything!

KimBouy Tang

She’s got the cutest style! You should definitely be following this girl if you aren’t already!


Amazing content full of inspiration!  A fashion blogger to follow in 2018!

Lauren Black

Great outfits, great feed! Need we say more?

Natasha Ndlovu

A natural beauty and oh so chic! We love everything about Natasha Ndlovu.

Roshini Daswani Kewalram

She’s got all your must have styles covered! Go on take a look!

Tamara Kalinic


Diana Enciu

Ketevan Giorgadze

Andy Torres

Wendy Nguyen


Asiyami Gold

Annabele Fleur

Jenn Im

Tsutsumi Hoang

Alexandra Hoang

Marni Danielle

Lindsi Lane Watts

Christie Ferrari

Lorna Luxe

Amy Neville

Natalia Lim

Caroline Vreeland

Caroline Daur

Soraya Bakhtiar

Lucy Williams

Lucy Florals

Chloe Plumstead

Em Sheldon

Hannah Schonberg

Collyer twins

Louisa Grace



Laura’s little locket

The Triplets

Louise Cooney

Leonie Hanne

Aylin Koenig


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