How to Wear Fashion Bloggers Favourite Retro Chain Belt


The Retro Chain Belt Trend Is Set to Be Huge this Summer, and could we be happier? The retro vibes are giving us a clueless like Instagram feed, with our favourite fashion girls already backing the look. AND if there is one thing all fashion enthusiasts agree on – It’s that accessories make an outfit.

The key to wearing this trend is to style it with simple outfit, from a plain pair of jeans and white crop top to a little black button front dress. OR if your feeling complete retro vibes style it like IamHannahWhiting with a mini denim fitted dress ( as seen below).  Need more inspiration?

Scroll to see how IT fashion bloggers are wearing the retro chain belt to ultimate perfection and where they our shopping the best chain belts right now.

Take us to the 90’s baby. 


                              retro-chain-belt-fashion-blogger-summer-outfits-TheClck-denim-outfits retro-chain-belt-fashion-blogger-summer-outfits-TheClck-IamHannahWhiting




retro-chain-belt-fashion-blogger-summer-outfits-TheClck  retro-chain-belt-fashion-blogger-lorna-luxe-TheClck



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